Giving back to our own Non Profit Organization through fashion.

‘Coral nursery Curacao’

We are truly connected to our narrative, telling an honest story through our brand and our creations. It’s very important to us to have a circular system within our company through our non profit organization that is fighting for the health of the
ocean by protecting the coral reef on Curacao. If our customer is buying a garmentwe want this person to be proud to know they are helping to fight for a better world.

We are setting up an innovation team with only scientist, engineers, artists and future thinkers who are helping us accelerate our brand innovation into materials like bio fabricated clothing made from algae, biodegradable textiles grown from live organisms or shell water repellent coatings.

Constantly looking for new materials and production ways working closely with universities. Creating environment’s new clothes that are modern and contemporary
made from materials that are seen as dusty. BOTTER's
collections are not made to tap the sustainability box but a whole business run on a Solar punk mindset where technology is leading and emotion and story telling are vital.