At BOTTER we care.

We care about fashion, as the golden daughter of all arts. We care about nature, as the golden mother of all arts.

Without nature, no arts, nothing. Without the sea, no human, no us.

Speaking up and acting for the Caribbean Sea, is an act of respect. Respect to the human race motherland, respect to our ancestors’ motherland. Preserving it sounds to us like an evidence, an obligation.

On Curaçao, as on many islands, the coral reef – epitome of oceans ecosystem – is dying. Under the unconcerned eye of the mass tourism, the fishing industry and the environmental issues.

Giving life again to the coral reef is giving back to nature, giving back to the world.

This is the purpose of our deep involvement in the BOTTER coral nursery, an organization that actively works on reviving the coral reef.

This is the idea we have for a better world, this is the idea we have for the BOTTER world.